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Telephone Number Market Place Area Code Virtual Also known as freephone numbers. No geographic limitations These numbers are available to customers to call your company at no cost Toll-Free numbers give your business a professional look Non-Geographic Non-geographic numbers enable U.K. callers to reach your Business at the same rate as a call to local landline, but they are charged less than a call to a local landline. Non-geographic numbers are particularly popular with government and non-profit organizations. These numbers are often available at the same cost as local business numbers in Britain. National 0330 numbers are available for more information.

Geometric numbers work in the same way as non-geographic ones, but they have a specific dial-code associated with a particular area of the U.K. The 01 or 02 dial-code is always used for U.K. geographic numbers. London’s 0203, 0207, and 0208 dial codes are the most used geographic numbers for Business. These numbers can purchase for approximately the exact cost as local business numbers within the U.K. More information: Geographic phone numbers. The U.K.’s virtual mobile numbers work in the same manner as local landlines. The prefix that is associat with the number is the primary difference. You are likely getting a U.K. mobile number when you purchase a virtual number with texting enabled.

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However, Pricing business phone services is complex. It can be difficult to estimate your expected services if you don’t know much about telecom terms and pricing structures. We’ve prepared some scenarios for you to help you get start.  Below are the details of each provider’s plans. If you choose one, you will see what you can expect on your first two invoices.

We create a United Kingdom virtual phone number comparison plan tailor to meet the needs of both entrepreneurs and small and large businesses.  Top Virtual Number Providers For Entrepreneurs And Startups. We are comparing virtual numbers plans for entrepreneurs or startups looking for an affordable, simple service that won’t be too difficult to use or charge hidden fees. We did the math and calculated. What a plan with approximately 300 minutes of Talktime will look like the best VoIP providers.

Refer to the Comparison Table 506 Area Code Virtual

Telephone Number Market Place Best Virtual Number Providers For Small. Medium Businesses Next, we will compare plans for small and mid-sized businesses looking. A comprehensive service that is easy to manage yet doesn’t cost too much. We calculated the cost and did the math. A plan that provides about 1,200 minutes of talk time will look similar to the best VoIP providers in the U.K.

Top Virtual Number Providers For Enterprise We are comparing plans for large companies looking for a reliable, safe service that can also provide reasonable call rates to manage high volumes. We calculated what a plan with approximately 3,000 minutes of Talktime would look like the best VoIP services in the United Kingdom.